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The Auto-Sert Hardware Insertion Presses are hydraulically-powered presses capable of installing most major brands of self-clinching nuts, studs, and standoffs into flat or preformed sheet metal assemblies. Automatic operation is optional. A pneumatic feeder system feeds the hardware to the automatic tooling with a vibratory feeder bowl that's controlled by press operator.


Our Auto-Sert Insertion Presses are the safest and most reliable insertion presses on the market.

Privately owned, we ensure our presses are made to the highest degree of quality and care.  These presses are Made in the USA and built to last.  Period.  


Auto-Sert hardware insertion machines and tooling have been used by the biggest brands for years.  Now you can be a part of the newest innovations in press technology.


Auto-Sert, along with its worldwide Distributors, are ready to work for you and exceed your customer experience expectations.

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