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Pump Up Your Production

about us


Auto-Sert knows that maximizing production capacity is a priority to almost every successful fabricator.


Helping our customers meet and exceed production goals while keeping their employees safe has always been the driving force behind Auto-Sert's team of professionals. 

We put our research and our knowledge to work for you.  This is proven by the following:


  • Auto-Sert designed the 1st insertion press with a solid “C-Frame” construction.

  • Auto-Sert engineered the 1st insertion press that was PLC controlled in lieu of Relay Logic.

  • Auto-Sert developed the 1st insertion press with dedicated escapements and tooling.

  • Auto-Sert was the 1st to utilize a dwell timer for stainless steel, allowing time for the material to properly bond.


Auto-Sert is proud of the intensive research and development we put into our products and the personal care we give our customers. 

We have Auto-Sert Distributors worldwide dedicated to helping you meet your production goals. 

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